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Posted on August 17, 2017 by Valentin Klopfenstein
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Son Ye Jin is the Top Actress and The Fan of Master in the House! [Master in the House Ep 46]

  Duration: 3:15~  Size: 4.46 MB~  Bitrate: 192kbps


Jung Hae In surprise Son Ye Jin at her Fan meeting Missha Fan Sign.

  Duration: 4:49~  Size: 6.61 MB~  Bitrate: 192kbps


Interview with Son Ye-jin & Hyun Bin [Entertainment Weekly/2018.08.13]

  Duration: 4:59~  Size: 6.84 MB~  Bitrate: 192kbps


Actress Son Ye Jin was blushing while filming a kiss scene with Jung Hae In

  Duration: 3:26~  Size: 4.71 MB~  Bitrate: 192kbps


Guerrilla Date with Actress Son Yejin [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.07.25]

  Duration: 8:22~  Size: 11.49 MB~  Bitrate: 192kbps


Son Ye Jin is Been Doing the Intense Workout Consistently for 10 years! [Master in the House Ep 46]

  Duration: 2:38~  Size: 3.62 MB~  Bitrate: 192kbps


Son Ye Jin Evolution 2001 - 2018

  Duration: 8:21~  Size: 11.47 MB~  Bitrate: 192kbps


[Section TV] 섹션 TV - So Jiseop & Son Yejin met again in 16 years! 20180311

  Duration: 2:35~  Size: 3.55 MB~  Bitrate: 192kbps


Son Ye Jin, Do You Still Pick up the Bill When Eating Out? [E-news Exclusive Ep 84]

  Duration: 3:22~  Size: 4.62 MB~  Bitrate: 192kbps


Lee Seung Gi "Should we call Son Ye Jin 'Pretty Girl'?" [Master in the House Ep 46]

  Duration: 2:18~  Size: 3.16 MB~  Bitrate: 192kbps